“What are you doing on the damn fucking tree?”, she was shouting in the green coat of the tempting tree.

“I felt like writing the most amazing children’s story.”, he responded with an enigmatic smile on his reckless face.

“While you are sitting on a damn fucking tree?”

“He simply smiled: Yes, on this very tree.”

“Why? ‘nd what’s it about?”

“Because the world is beautiful. And that’s what it’s about. The world is beautiful.”

“But this world isn’t fucking beautiful. Look at it, how can you call this world beautiful? This world is not giving a shit about…”

“You just have to look through the right eyes. There are people for whom the world is beautiful. Look through their eyes and you will see the beauty.”


She nodded: “Yes. That’s what the whole shit is about.”


perspectives writing world beautiful
The world is beautiful

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